User Experience Design

Understand + Organize

The most effective experience designs begin with a clear understanding of both client objectives and user expectations. At Enablus, we go a step further to assess industry trends, product categories and user demographics. Only then do we begin to organize information in ways that are intuitive and functional.

Ideate + Iterate

Armed with a solid foundation, industry research and a clear strategy, we unleash our imagination and creativity. We visualize, brainstorm and sketch concepts to address specific design requirements and potential challenges. From these efforts come inspired solutions that enhance product usability and comprehension.

Refine + Solidify

We’ve found that the more we refine, the more we solidify. We take great ideas and apply usability and best practices to arrive at a precise plan of execution. Then, we use wireframes to map out complete user interactions.

Visualize + Interact

A successful product not only responds to client expectations, it also delights the user with relevance and simplicity. Through visually appealing designs and intuitive interactions, we provide powerful products that hit the mark on every value point.