Georgia State University Magazine Gets a Facelift follows suit


Device Response

The new design showcases the magazine’s content and visuals while keeping the functionality simple and intuitive. Expanding mega menus support easier navigation, imagery is prominent and engaging animation and infographics support the editorial content. In addition, feature articles fill the device screen while allowing users to scroll or navigate to additional content and past issues.

Improved Layout

While the headlines and photography mimic the printed magazine, the typography is designed for maximum readability and impact. Headlines and subheads are clear, distinct and readable, and body copy maintains a legible 18-point equivalent on all screens to reduce reader fatigue and increase comprehension.

The layout maintains a full width, removing navigation and unrelated sidebars to eliminate distractions. And, related sidebar content is highlighted in bold to differentiate it from the feature article, drawing attention to web-only content, such as related videos and links.

Classier Notes

Added functionality complements the streamlined design. For example, the Class Notes section was redesigned to showcase the graduates of Georgia State University and their accomplishments. The addition of social links and larger photographs allow classmates to connect with alumni.