Georgia State University Redesign + CMS Migration

Georgia State University (GSU) called on Enablus to redesign its web infrastructure and transition it to a new CMS. After evaluating various CMS options, we selected a WordPress Multisite installation, which offered ease of editing while maintaining user access and security for the school’s more than 150 departments and centers.


Our Method

Enablus reimagined the website’s theme to include more modern design elements, and we created a responsive design to support different browsers and devices.

We also evaluated the website’s audience and user personas and shifted its focus outward to engage prospective and current students. The structure, content and design work together to help potential applicants learn about the school and keep current students up-to-date on their GSU community.

The Results

The site officially launched in 2013 and directly countered the slight decline in enrollment from previous years. In fact, GSU’s 2014-2015 fall enrollment soared to new heights. And, 2015 set records for the size, diversity and quality of GSU’s freshman class.